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The 7 advantages of Belco for fashion web shops

The 7 advantages of Belco for fashion web shops
The time when you as a webshop in the fashion industry could do your customer service on the side is far behind us. In fact, the bar for customer service at fashion web shops has never been higher.

Good service, fast delivery, accessibility via different channels and a personal shopping experience are all part of a customer's requirements these days. In addition, many fashion retailers have both an online store and a physical store: a combination that puts customer service to the test even more.

Fortunately, Belco's customer service software helps you to manage all processes related to running your customer service. We do this on a daily basis for dozens of fashion web shops. Because they know better than anyone else what it is like to work with Belco software in practice, we asked them what the biggest advantages of Belco are: the result is this top 7.

1. Customer recognition

Today's online customer is not a customer number, but a person with a unique customer profile. Belco's software ensures that when a customer contacts a customer service employee, all data is immediately visible. This includes contact details, order history and order status. This immediately gives an employee a good picture of the customer and makes customer contact a lot more personal and familiar.

2. More insight and control

In Belco you can see exactly who is working and what the status of the employee is (for example 'active' or 'busy'). This is a useful feature, especially now that working from home is popular. This way, colleagues know exactly who they can turn to for difficult questions or who they can have an (online) coffee with. Managers or planners also benefit from it, because they maintain an overview and can properly monitor who is working and from where.

3. Accessibility via different channels

For fashion web shops, the number of channels through which a customer contacts you, such as telephone, e-mail, but now also social media and live chat, continues to increase. And customer patience is only decreasing. It is therefore a challenge for many web shops to serve all their customers via all these channels at the speed they desire. Fortunately, Belco helps with this by allowing all communication to arrive in one place, in a so-called 'shared inbox'. This way you maintain an overview and can quickly handle customer questions or problems.

4. Fashion web shops without in-house IT knowledge

Finding a needle in a haystack these days is about as easy as finding a good IT professional. You are certainly not the only fashion webshop without an in-house IT department. But it is extra important that your software is reliable and that any issues can be resolved quickly. Fortunately, Belco has the necessary IT staff, so you always have a helpline at hand.

5. Not tied to location

With Belco's software you work when you want and from any possible location (with internet). So you are not tied to a fixed location such as an office, which gives you freedom and flexibility.

6. Division of work and planning

You can streamline internal work processes in Belco in a smart way. For example, you can assign a task to a colleague, temporarily snooze a customer question or set an alarm for a planned task. This gives employees an overview and allows your team to work together smoothly and efficiently.

7. Automate with business rules

Smart automation of business processes saves you a lot of manual work and also contributes to customer friendliness. For example, you can send a customer an automatic message that his or her question is being processed. In the Belco menu you set up automatic responses using 'business rules'. Here you can automate numerous business processes by setting different 'events', 'conditions' and 'triggers'. You can even set triggers on certain filter words, so that, for example, a message with the word 'complaint' is automatically forwarded to the right department.

Curious about how Belco works in practice? Try our software for free for 2 weeks and experience what it's like to work in an all-in-one customer service environment.This trial is completely without obligation and stops automatically after 2 weeks.