Customer card

When you have a physical store and regularly see the same customers, over time you know exactly who they are and what they are going to buy. The customer card in Belco is best seen as a digital variant of it. Below we discuss the 5 parts that make up the customer card.

Customer data

When you create a link between your shop system and Belco, the most important customer data is automatically loaded. You can look up this information yourself, but they also appear on the screen when the customer contacts you. You immediately see the customer's name, email address, his or her telephone number and even the location. This way you always have the most important contact details at hand and you can communicate with your customers quickly and efficiently.

Order history

The classic question: “What is your order number?” is rarely, if ever, asked at Belco. This is because in Belco you see the complete order history on your screen. You also see the order number, the amount of the order and its status. Would you like to view the contents of the order? Then click on the order and you will immediately be redirected to your shop system.

Contact history

When your customer has to explain his problem or question to you for the umpteenth time, you are already 10-0 behind before the conversation starts. In Belco we prevent this by storing all contact history in our system. This way you can see at a glance why and when the customer previously contacted you. You can also easily read details or notes from previous conversations – via any channel. That saves you a lot of searching and saves your customer a lot of frustration.

Shopping cart information

Just like in a real store, our system shows you exactly which products the customer has in the shopping cart. Based on this, you can give the customer tailor-made advice and help quickly if, for example, there are questions or problems during checkout. The shopping cart information is transferred to Belco in real time, so without delay.


In Belco you can see which pages of your webshop have been visited by a customer: we call this the visitor path. This information can be valuable in solving a problem, but it also gives you the opportunity to proactively provide your customer with advice or assistance.

External input

In addition to the information discussed above that is automatically loaded from your shop system, it is also possible to load additional information from external channels. Consider, for example, a link with the warehouse software of Picqer or Sherpan . Curious about which integrations with Belco are possible? Read more about this on the 'start-up' page or feel free to contact us and we will see together what is possible.

These customers already use a customer card

200+ e-commerce companies and retailers have now found their way to us. And we are very proud of that! Below we highlight a number of our customers and explain exactly what we do for them.