Support software for e-commerce

The Stone uses support softwareEpplejeck also uses support softwareAll4running is happy to support via our softwareTwinsport Intersport uses Belco as support softwareWe Love Deco does daily support with our softwareBouwmaat omnichannel with our support softwareColourfulrebel processes customer enquiries with support softwareSpiru zenvol with support software

Belco provides structure and overview in your support department

With Belco, you can manage your communication with customers in clear support software, whether it is by telephone, Whatsapp, e-mail or social chats. This gives you maximum grip and overview of your support department.

All communication is stored in Belco and it is clearly visible which channel the customer used to contact us. We also keep track of who has communicated with the customer in the support software, making it easy to take over communication from a fellow support employee.

Belco Support Software Dashboard

Support Software is the solution for your customers & employees

More overview in customer contact and less time spent on dozens of e-mail inboxes, sticking post-its and discussing internally what has been agreed with the customer? Then the Belco support software is also a solution for you! More than 750 web shops and thousands of employees work with Belco's support software every day. We ensure that you communicate easily with your customers and maintain an overview. Within Belco there are customer cards available, which keep track of each customer's data, order history and even what is currently in the shopping cart. In this way, every customer can be helped properly.

Belco - One customer service tool

Manage all communications from one environment

Belco - easy to use

Easy does it support software for e-commerce

Belco - fully customisable

Customised and designed for your webshop

Belco - 200+ companies

750 webshops use Belco every day

Belco - rating of 9.5

We have a very high customer rating of 9.5!

Linking support software with your webshop?

Belco interfaces with almost all popular e-commerce systems available in the market. With the e-commerce link, data from your webshop arrives directly in Belco, which is handy because this way you immediately know the history of the customer. Data we synchronize with a webshop link:

- Customer data
- Order history
- Shopping cart content

Belco has links with all major e-commerce parties, including:

- Magento
- WooCommerce
- Lightspeed
- Shopify
- Shopware

Support software with real-time shopping cart insight

Why do webshops choose Belco?

Direct contact

Belco is a 100% Dutch party that you have direct contact with. Not only if something is wrong, but also to provide you with the best advice.

More than support software

You get more than just support software, you also get advice on how to best set up your support department in the software.

All channels in one place

Belco's support software ensures that all communication comes in and is answered in one central place. This provides overview, structure and results in happy customers.

Technological innovation

We develop our own support software and we like to be on the front line. We are therefore always looking for improvements. Do you have any ideas or points for improvement? Then we will certainly include it in our backlog!

Costs of intelligent support software:

  • Small webshops € 149 p/m
  • Growing webshops € 249 p/m
  • Flourishing webshops € 499 p/m
  • Always 20% discount if you pay per year

Happy customer with our customer service software
Since we started using the Belco support software, we have seen an increase in our customer appreciation. Colleagues work better together and there is less confusion about customer contact. The 'rules' that we can set ourselves ensure that e-mails and chats automatically reach the teams.
Nick Meeder of We Love Deco
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