If your organisation has both physical shops and an online shop, you can choose to see both as separate sales channels. But it is smarter to let them work together and thus combine the strengths of both channels: that is what we call omnichannel. Divide helps retail companies integrate digital and physical channels. They focus primarily on companies in the fashion industry.
Below, we discuss what Divide is and what the benefits are. As a proud partner of Divide, we also explain how you can link your webshop to Belco to set up your e-commerce environment in an even smarter way.

Divide in brief

Divide helps organisations with physical and online shops to make both work together in a smart way. This is a process that cannot be done in one day and that is why they help companies with this step by step. They focus mainly on companies in the fashion industry, because there the combination of physical and online shops is common.

They do this by helping companies with useful omnichannel possibilities such as e-mail marketing and the use of big data. They work together with different partners to combine as much data as possible - an idea we at Belco are also very much in favour of.


1. Instore e-commerce

Divide would like to see the line between physical and online retail blurred. When a product is sold out in the shop, an employee can check whether the product is still available online and immediately order it for the customer. That is not only very customer-friendly, but also a lot more profitable.

2. Cooperation with partners

Why do everything on your own when you can also work together? Divide has a large number of partners that they work with, for example in the field of e-mail marketing and dig data solutions.

3. Customer loyalty

Linking your physical and online shop environment ensures that you can better bind customers to you. Think for example of a loyalty programme in the form of an app where customers can save points for their purchases both online and in the shop.

Linking Belco to Divide

Just like Divide, we at Belco are always looking for solutions to make your e-commerce environment smarter - which is why we enjoy working together as partners. With Belco's software, you run your entire customer service in one system.

All channels, from telephony to e-mail and social media, are in the same shared inbox. Plus all available customer information is immediately loaded into the system.

Linking Belco to Divide

Why Belco

All-in-one solution

Belco is all-in-one customer service software. This means that we have put everything you need to run your customer service successfully into one system - making it easy.

Customer satisfaction

We make customer happiness a concept. It is our mission to help your webshop achieve a 9+ customer service rating.

200+ customers preceded you

We provide customer service software for over 750 webshops of 200 e-commerce companies. Choose from one of our very complete standard packages or develop a customised solution with us.

We are ready for you

Translating your wishes and objectives into the very best customer service solution is what we do best. In addition, you can always ask us questions and we will gladly help you if you are at a loss.