Customer service via WhatsApp

Belco makes it possible! And of course you can also communicate with our software via email, social chat (Facebook and Instagram), telephone and chat from one environment.

Belco Dashboard with integrated WhatsApp
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Does communicating with your customers via WhatsApp work?

The standard for communicating with customers has changed rapidly in recent years, where chat and telephony were previously seen as leading, there is increasing demand among consumers for customer service via WhatsApp . Which is of course understandable: WhatsApp is always with you and is on almost every smartphone in the Netherlands. In addition, the consumer is in direct contact with an employee, such as with telephone.

Communicating via WhatsApp works well for many web shops, but especially if it is part of a range of contact options. A quick question about shipping, opening hours or picking up an order fits perfectly within the WhatsApp system.

We see that companies often have difficulty keeping an overview in WhatsApp conversations, this is a thing of the past with Belco!

Customer questions via WhatsApp via Belco Customer Service

Conversations with your customer via WhatsApp

Customer service via WhatsApp is not complex and can be managed very well with the right support software . You can communicate with several customers at the same time via WhatsApp. Moreover, we make it possible to manage WhatsApp as well as other social channels, e-mail and telephony from one system. Starting a conversation via WhatsApp with your customer is easy!

Another tool?

Belco bundles all communication channels in one smart solution. So you no longer have to install a separate WhatsApp application to allow customers to communicate via WhatsApp. If customers contact us via WhatsApp, the conversation will of course be entered into Belco. You can see from the icon per conversation which medium the customer has messaged from - with WhatsApp there is of course a WhatsApp icon. Responding is then simple and smart: you respond via Belco and this ensures that the customer receives a message back via WhatsApp.

The smart connection between WhatsApp and Belco ensures that all your customer service employees can communicate with your customers via WhatsApp!

One tool for everything including WhatsApp

Customer service via WhatsApp, why?


Customers are more likely to contact web shops if there are direct contact options, this also applies to WhatsApp or chat.

Direct communication

The big advantage of WhatsApp integration in customer service is that you communicate directly with the customer: questions and answers follow each other very quickly.

Multiple conversations simultaneously

It is very practical for customer service employees: they can easily have multiple conversations at the same time via WhatsApp. That's really not going to work by phone ;-)

High reliability

Customers experience WhatsApp as a communication channel with a high degree of reliability: the chance of a response is perceived to be higher than after sending an email to customer service.

Choosing Belco

  • Tailor-made onboarding
  • User training for all agents
  • Software Plus a Service
  • Starting from €149 per month

Happy customer with our customer service software
In addition to chat and telephone, we also wanted to offer our customer service via WhatsApp. When we heard about Belco through another webshop, we were immediately convinced! All customer communication from one system: we still enjoy working with it every day! It has given us much more overview and that results in happy customers.
Sander Goedhart from The Stone
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