Shopware 6

Belco's software can also be linked to Shopware 6. Below we explain how you can easily do this using the Shopware 6 plug-in and what the advantages are.
Shopware was not known to many people a few years ago, but the platform is growing rapidly in popularity. And that is not surprising, because the options, flexibility and ease of use of Shopware, especially the latest version 6, are impressive. You can build many smart and powerful functionalities with Shopware without any knowledge of code. It is also a very API-friendly system, which means that you can connect the software to many other software.

Link Shopware 6 to Belco

When you run an online store, you will deal with customers who have problems or questions: the larger your shop, the more customers will contact you. And unfortunately, they don't all do this via one fixed communication channel. Some people prefer to call, others like to email and others prefer Live Chat. To ensure that you can maintain an overview in this maze of communication channels, we have developed Belco. In Belco, all these channels come together in one platform. To link the channels to Belco, it is important that you first link your Shopware shop to Belco.

Is it difficult to connect Shopware 6 to Belco? Luckily not! With the handy Shopware 6 plug-in you can connect your shop to Belco in a few steps. You do this by going to Shops in the Belco menu and clicking on 'Add shop'.

You can read exactly how this works
here. Do you still need help with this or is something going wrong? Contact us, we are happy to help you!


Linking Shopware 6 to Belco has a number of interesting advantages. Below we explain 3 of them.

1. All customer information at hand

When you create a link between Shopware 6 and Belco, the most important customer data is automatically loaded. When the customer contacts you, you immediately see the customer's name, email address, his or her telephone number and even the location. So you never have to ask who the customer is – very customer-friendly.

2. Add channels

To receive all communications in one system, you can add channels to Belco. All conceivable channels, from telephony to Live Chat, can be linked to Belco. You can even add channels from external parties such as

3. Live chat

More and more web shops use Live Chat to answer customer questions quickly and efficiently. You can connect the chat widget on your website to Belco, so that you receive all messages from customers in real time.

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Why Belco

All-in-one solution

Belco is all-in-one customer service software. This means that we have everything you need to successfully run your customer service in one system – very easy.

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We make customer satisfaction a household name. Our mission is to help your webshop achieve a 9+ customer service rating.

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We provide customer service software for more than 750 online stores from 200 e-commerce companies. Choose from one of our very complete standard packages or develop a tailor-made solution together with us.

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