Triton X

Below we explain how you can easily connect TritonX to Belco's customer service software using the TritonX plug-in and what the benefits are.
TritonX is a cloud-based multi-tool that stores customer data. But in addition to securely storing customer data, the tool has more options. For example, you can divide your customer base into segments and link a loyalty programme to them: ideal for marketers.

Connecting TritonX to Belco

Belco is an all-in-one customer service environment where all your communication comes in and can be handled. Many different channels can be added to Belco, such as telephony, e-mail, Live Chat and social media channels. We can also link TritonX to our software using a plug-in. All relevant customer information is then automatically loaded into Belco.

Is it difficult to connect TritonX to Belco? No, it isn't! With the handy TritonX plug-in you can link your shop to Belco in just a few steps. Do you need help with this or is something wrong? Please contact us, we are happy to help!


Linking TritonX to Belco has a number of interesting advantages. Below we explain 3 of them.

1. Enriching customer data

At Belco we love customer data: the more you know about a customer the better you can help them, is our philosophy. By combining the forces of Belco and TritonX, when a customer contacts us we know exactly who this customer is, whether there has been any contact before and possibly what orders the customer has placed.

2. Divide Inbox into teams

Within Belco you can create different teams of employees. Each team will then have its own inbox: for example, an inbox for complaints, returns or sales. This way you can be sure that customer questions always end up in the mailbox of the right employee.

3. Forwarding

With our software, it is possible to compose a new message from a conversation to, for example, a colleague or an external party. By doing this during or immediately after the conversation, you are sure not to forget it!

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