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In addition to the services we offer to our customers, we also work with organizations and companies in various ways. We have two types of partners: technology partners and sales partners .

Technology partners

From warehouse software for online stores to complete e-commerce platforms: we can integrate them smartly with Belco's software using plug-ins. By joining forces, we give our customers the opportunity to work even faster, more efficiently and more user-friendly.

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Sales partners

Our sales partners include anyone who sells Belco products. Consider, for example, a webshop developer who offers Belco software as an extra service to customers. But we also work with partners on an affiliate basis. All our sales partners always receive a pre-agreed kickback fee for the sale of our software - this way we keep it interesting for both parties.

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Want to become a partner?

Do you want to become a technology or sales partner of Belco? We would be happy to schedule a no-obligation introductory meeting to get to know each other better and discuss how we can help each other!