A plan for every webshop

For smaller web shops with big dreams to large web shops with specific wishes, choose the package below that best suits your organization.

Save 10%
Small(er) web shops with big ambitions that take their customer service seriously.
/ per month*
41 euros per additional agent per month
*Converted per month, with annual payment
  • Includes 3 agents / max. 5 agents
  • Unlimited conversations
  • Chat, email, voice, messaging
  • Omnichannel inbox
  • All webshop links
  • Basic insights
  • One-time start-up costs €299
Thriving web shops with specific wishes for their customer service.
/ per month*
77 euros per additional agent per month
*Converted per month, with annual payment
  • Everything from plus +
  • Includes 5 agents
  • Own contact person
  • Prio support 1 hour
  • White label and scales
  • BelcoAI & Cobrowse addon free
  • One-time start-up costs €299

You can ask us anything you want – anytime!

We have listed a number of frequently asked questions and their answers for you. Is your question not listed or are you unsure which package suits you best? Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you!

Can I try Belco without paying?

Naturally! We have a trial period of 14 days during which you can get acquainted with our software without any obligation and try out how it works. Can't figure it out or do you have questions? You can always call us during your trial period or send us a message via the internal chat: we can answer all your questions and help you where necessary.

I have multiple web shops, do I pay extra now?

No, you do not pay extra if you have multiple web shops in your account. You can even easily label your different shops so that you never mix them up: ideal for multistores.

How do I pay for Belco?

You take out a monthly or annual contract with Belco. You choose which package suits you and pay in advance with iDEAL or credit card. We will charge any additional services afterwards.

What about discount?

We give you a 10% discount when you take out an annual subscription and pay the invoice in one go. Do you want to purchase Belco for 2 years? Then we give a 25% discount on the subscription, contact us for information about this!

Is it possible to cancel and/or adjust the package?

We naturally hope that you will remain a satisfied customer of ours for a long time, but you can of course cancel at any time for any reason: this can be done every month and is easily arranged. You can also upgrade and downgrade at any time, but please note: with an annual payment you can only downgrade after the contract period.

How much does calling and receiving calls via Belco cost?

We charge a rate of 1 cent per minute for incoming calls and mutual calls. Outgoing calling minutes differ per country, see our price list (EEA) here. Calls to VAST NL cost 2.53 ct per minute (without start tap) and to MOBIEL NL 3.19 ct per minute.

Customers use Belco for great service

Belco is packed with smart features and is extremely user-friendly. Make your customer service the center of your organization and give your customers a great service experience! Curious about the experiences of other Belco users? Click on the button below.

Why choose Belco?

  • Belco really makes it fun to help customers.
  • Infinite functionalities to make your customer service excel.
  • Develop perfect customer service together with our experts and with the help of helpdocs and the Belco academy.
  • More than 5 years of experience and hundreds of web shops that preceded you.