Telephony: we all grew up with it and we all use it. And despite the fact that other (asynchronous) communication channels such as e-mail, social media messaging and chat are commonly used ways for customer contact, telephony has certainly not disappeared from the scene. Telephony is still an important channel in e-commerce and it is wise to integrate it into your customer service environment in a smart way.
Below we explain the advantages of linking telephony to your customer service software. We also discuss a number of smart telephony functions within Belco to make communication between you and your customer even more efficient and user-friendly.

Why link telephony to your customer service software?

Telephony is not a standalone channel within your customer service environment. For example, a customer who calls you may have previously sent an email and come back to this during the conversation. It is therefore advisable to integrate as many communication channels as possible into one system. That is exactly what Belco does: with our all-in-one customer service software, all communication channels come together and you always have the information to help your customer quickly and effectively.

In Belco you can link telephony to our customer service software in a few simple steps - also for multiple telephone numbers. All telephone calls are then received via Belco and are automatically linked to the corresponding customer data.

4 Useful telephony functions in Belco

To get the most out of telephony and to ensure that communication with the customer is effective and customer-friendly, we have added a number of smart telephony functions to Belco. Below we explain a number of them.

1. All customer data at hand

When a customer contacts you by telephone and the customer's details are known, for example when a customer has previously placed an order in the webshop, you will immediately see all contact details, as well as the communication and order history. So you do not have to ask the customer for his or her customer number and you have all the information available to help the customer properly and quickly.

2. Set up and manage the call menu yourself

Within Belco you have full control over your calling menu. You can adjust the regular opening hours and add and manage special opening hours, for example during public holidays. You can also create a welcome message for the customer by having a text of your choice read out loud by a computer voice or by recording a message yourself.

3. Transfer to a colleague

Do you not know the answer to a customer question or can another department help the customer better? No problem: you can easily transfer the customer to another colleague or department. Within Belco you can even see which colleagues, based on a green dot behind their name, are online and available to help the customer further.

4. Create a follow-up

You can create a follow-up for a customer during or after a phone call. This could, for example, be a reminder to call the customer back or send an email with information for the customer. The system will then create a ticket in which you can add a note for yourself or for a colleague.

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