Helpdesk software
for webshops

As a webshop owner, it can be difficult to manage all your customer communications across different channels, such as phone, WhatsApp, email and social messaging.

Fortunately, Belco offers the solution! Our smart helpdesk software centralizes all communication channels and provides overview and structure for your customer service. The result? Satisfied customers and employees.

Try Belco now and experience it for yourself!

Customer service software with a smile

Helpdesk software for web shops

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All-in-1 Helpdesk software
for web shops

Optimize your customer service with Belco's help desk software. Manage all communication with your customers easily and efficiently from one central tool and gain instant access to customer data, including information about products purchased and shopping carts.

Benefit from convenient webshop links for real-time data in the helpdesk software. With Belco's helpdesk software you are assured of optimal customer satisfaction. Start your free trial now and discover the benefits for yourself.

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Optimize your customer service with Belco's help desk software

Maximize your customer service efficiency and effectiveness with Belco's advanced help desk software. Improve not only your customers' experience, but also that of your employees with our smart solutions. Receive not only powerful help desk software, but also professional service and support, including comprehensive onboarding and regular contact. Our help desk is always ready to answer all your questions.

Manage all your customer communications in one place with Belco's help desk software

Optimize your customer service with Belco's all-in-one solution. Integrate telephony, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, chat, Instagram DM and email into our smart customer service tool. View and manage all interactions from a clear dashboard with icons indicating which channel the communication took place through.

With Belco's help desk software you give your webshop the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Customer communication via one tool

Why choose Belco's help desk software?

More than software

The most common compliment we receive is that in addition to our great tool, we also deliver amazing service! We are down-to-earth and consider our own customer service just as important as yours!


During the onboarding, we will show you the best way to set up the help desk software. We tailor the onboarding to your needs and help you set it up.

Overview and structure

We like to be inspired by the world around us. And in turn, we hope to be able to inspire you too, that maybe things can be done differently: more personal, more customer-friendly and more fun.


We always want to be in the front row when it comes to technological developments. We ask ourselves these questions on a daily basis: what can we do better and how do we cleverly anticipate the future wishes of our users?

Belco: makes customers happy!

  • Grip on customer communication
  • Satisfied customers
  • Satisfied employees
  • The best help desk software

Happy customer with our customer service software
Belco's helpdesk software has helped us a step further, colleagues work better together and there is much less confusion on the shop floor about customer contact. We work much more efficiently because of this and we are still very happy with Belco's input into our processes.
Michel Ingen Housz of
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