If you want to start a web shop or completely redesign your existing web shop, you are looking for a partner who will guide and advise you from the thought process to the design, development and maintenance of the web shop. Elgentos is the partner you are looking for.
Below, we discuss what Elgentos is and what the benefits are. As a proud partner of Elgentos, we also explain how you can link your webshop to Belco to set up your e-commerce environment in an even smarter way.

Elgentos in brief

Elgentos assists e-commerce businesses from start to finish to create a well-functioning, user-friendly and converting webshop. All webshops are built with Magento as the back-end, sometimes combined with elements of the Laravel and React framework. This in combination with a lot of technical and creative knowledge ensures that designs and functionalities can be fully customised.


1. Linking with third parties

Do you want to link your webshop to order management software? Or do you want to integrate your customer service with your webshop in a smart way (highly recommended in our opinion)? Then elgentos can help you with that. They specialise in cleverly linking your webshop to third-party software.

2. Scalable

Magento is a highly scalable platform. This ensures that the webshop can continue to grow without running into obstacles.

3. Further development

Everyone with a webshop knows: a webshop is never finished. fortunately, elgentos helps you to develop and grow your webshop, so you can respond quickly to changes in your industry.

Linking Belco to Elgentos

Like Elgentos, we at Belco are always looking for solutions to make your e-commerce environment smarter - which is why we enjoy working together as partners. With Belco's software, you run your entire customer service in one system. All channels, from telephony to e-mail and social media, are in the same shared inbox. Plus, all available customer information is immediately loaded into the system.

You can link Belco to your Magento webshop developed by elgentos by going to Shops in the Belco menu and clicking on 'Add shop'. You can read exactly how this works here. Do you need help or is there something wrong? Please contact us, we are happy to help!

Linking Belco to Elgentos

Why Belco

All-in-one solution

Belco is all-in-one customer service software. This means that we have put everything you need to run your customer service successfully into one system - making it easy.

Customer satisfaction

We make customer happiness a concept. It is our mission to help your webshop achieve a 9+ customer service rating.

200+ customers preceded you

We provide customer service software for over 750 webshops of 200 e-commerce companies. Choose from one of our very complete standard packages or develop a customised solution with us.

We are ready for you

Translating your wishes and objectives into the very best customer service solution is what we do best. In addition, you can always ask us questions and we will gladly help you if you are at a loss.