Below we explain how you can easily connect Picqer to Belco's customer service software using the Picqer API and what the benefits are.
Many online shops cannot do without a warehouse where their products are stored. And the larger your webshop and your warehouse, the more difficult it becomes to manage everything logistically. Fortunately, Picqer is your logistics savior. The software keeps track of exactly how many products are still in stock in your warehouse and where they are located. You can even have your stock automatically replenished when a product threatens to run out. But also have the shortest walking route calculated for order pickers, for example. In this way, Picqer gives web shops the necessary logistical relief.

Link Picqer to Belco

At Belco we prefer to bring as much information as possible together in one system. This means that all customer communication in our customer service software is entered into one system, such as e-mail, telephone, social media messages and Live Chat. This way, all customer questions can be handled from one system. Because some of our customers use Picqer, we have developed a handy Picqer API with which you can link Picqer's software to Belco. Below we explain the advantages of this.

Is it difficult to connect Picqer to Belco? No! With the handy Picqer plug-in you can link your shop to Belco in a few steps. You can read exactly how this workshere. Do you still need help with this or is something going wrong? Contact us, we are happy to help you!


Linking Picqer to Belco has a number of interesting advantages. Below we explain 3 of them.

1. Customer data automatically loaded from Picqer

Having the right information is often the key to solving a customer question. That is why all important data from Picqer is automatically transferred to Belco. In Belco you can see, among other things, what the customer has ordered, whether a product is in stock, but also what the status of an order is. Belco joins forces with Picqer and you always have all the information at hand to help a customer quickly and effectively.

2. Switch between Belco and Picqer

The most important customer and logistics data are automatically loaded into Belco. Do you need additional information from Picqer or do you want to check something for the customer? Then you can easily switch from Belco to the Picqer dashboard at the touch of a button.

3. Forward

Sometimes you cannot solve a customer question immediately and, for example, you have to send an email to an external party. In Belco you can easily do this by clicking on 'forward' from the conversation with the customer. When the other party responds, you will immediately receive a notification.

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