Our mission & vision

Below we would like to tell you what we as Belco stand for, what we aim for and what our core values are.

What Belco stands for

Belco stands for 'happy faces': both employees and customers. We believe that you can also make a difference online with friendly and personal service. That feeling of the cheerful baker on the corner who you have a chat with and who knows exactly which bread you order, every customer deserves that feeling - also online!

What Belco goes for

We want to make customer satisfaction a household name and help 1000+ e-commerce organizations that use Belco achieve a 9+ rating for their customer service. On the one hand, we do this with software that enables employees to help customers quickly, efficiently, friendly and without obstacles. And on the other hand, with a passionate team of customer service experts who are happy to share their knowledge with you and are always ready to provide you with tailor-made advice.

Social mission

We believe it is important to contribute to a more sustainable world. Our office is sustainable, we go to the office by bicycle or public transport and we only visit customers if it is really necessary and then always by public transport or an electric car. In addition, our software helps to make business processes more customer-friendly, but also more efficient and thus, for example, minimize the number of returns (and associated taxes). Finally, we support charities or non-profit organizations by providing them with good communication tooling.

Causes/foundations that we currently support:
Word and Deed Foundation
Founded in Friesland
Freons fan Fossylfrij Friesland

As a charity or non-profit organization, do you want to be supported by Belco and use our communication tooling? Please feel free to contact us!

Our core values

Down to earth

At Belco we don't have smooth salespeople in expensive cars, we don't (usually) dance on the tables and we don't drink champagne for breakfast. We are actually very ordinary and we are proud of that.

To connect

We believe in connection between people, because if you do it together it always goes better. And that certainly applies to customer service: for each other and with each other.


We like to be inspired by the world around us. And in turn, we hope to inspire you that things can be done differently: more personal, more customer-friendly and more fun.


We always want to be in the front row when it comes to technological developments. Where can we improve and how do we respond intelligently to the future wishes of our users? These are questions we ask ourselves every day.