When you start a webshop and send a number of orders per day, you can often still manage to keep an overview and send the placed orders neatly. But when the number of orders increases, especially 100 per day, the logistics challenge starts to increase. Without the support of good software, you quickly lose the overview and start making mistakes. Fortunately, Picqer exists: a software solution that makes your logistics processes run smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.
Below we discuss what Picqer is, what the benefits are and how you can integrate the software with Belco's software.

Picqer in short

Picqer is an order management system that makes all your logistics processes run smoothly. You can easily link Picqer to your own webshop system and once you have done so, all order information is loaded directly from your webshop into Picqer. This way you keep an overview of your stocks, you know exactly where in the warehouse which product is located, you can easily scan the ordered products and a shipping label is automatically created and printed.


1. Efficient and less prone to errors

With stock and location management in Picqer you know exactly whether a product is still in stock and where in the warehouse it is located. This way, employees can work quickly and efficiently and you reduce the chance of errors.

2. Purchasing advice

Picqer is a smart system. For example, it automatically notifies you when a product is (almost) out of stock and needs to be repurchased.

3. Reporting

With handy reporting and a dashboard you always maintain an overview of your logistics processes and you can adjust and optimize where necessary.

Link Belco to Picqer

Bringing everything into one system is what we love at Belco! You can easily link Picqer to Belco's customer service software. In this way, the most important information from Picqer, such as information about (previous) orders and returns, is automatically loaded into Belco. This way you can always quickly provide customers with questions about orders with the correct information.

For a detailed manual on how to connect Picqer to Belco, click here .

Link Belco to Picqer

Why Belco

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