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We understand the fashion industry!

We understand fashion companies like no other and that is also the reason why dozens of fashion stores work with Belco every day. Anna van Rinsma Fashion from Gorredijk put it well: "Because many of our guests buy both in the store and online, it is extra nice to have all guest data clearly organized in one system." This is also an agreement that many fashion retailers have: they sell from the physical store but also online. This is common within the fashion industry.

It is striking and characteristic of the fashion retailer that there is often no IT specialization in-house, and that is exactly where Belco makes the difference! Belco is more than just a tooling, we provide excellent and personal service surrounding the product. No technical knowledge is necessary and our service team is always happy to assist you.

Belco customer service software

Fashion retailer customer service software

Whether a customer calls, asks a question via email or WhatsApp - it all comes into one system: Belco. It can also be used from home, a second location such as an outlet or pop-up store without technical know-how. A user can log in at any desired location and gain insight into all customer communications.

Belco - One customer service tool

All your customer information in one customer service tool

Belco - easy to use

Easy-does-it software for fashion retailers

Belco - fully customizable

Fully tailored to the fashion industry

Belco - 200+ companies

20+ fashion shops use Belco

Belco - score of 9.5

Best rated by customers with a 9.5

Combine the most commonly used contact options in one central fashion solution

In most cases, fashion stores and fashion web shops have various contact options for their customers. After all, a customer wants to communicate via the channel of their own choosing, which creates challenges for customer service - they must receive all customer questions and then submit them to the right departments.

Belco ensures that all this communication is stored in one place and that direct communication with the customer can take place via this system. In addition, colleagues can immediately view previous communications, which prevents misunderstandings. With Belco you keep an overview, you can communicate faster with customers and colleagues and ensure happy customers!

High-quality customer service software

Live chat

Talk to your customer

At Belco we do not believe in old-fashioned forms. We prefer direct and personal contact between you and your customer: live chat is the way to do this. When a customer posts a message on your website, you will immediately receive a notification in Belco and you can respond immediately.

Automate customer contact

In Belco you can use triggers to provide automated responses to customers in the live chat. For example, automatically send a friendly chat message to your customer that shipping is free if the customer spends 5 euros more in the store or give tips at check-out if the customer is in danger of getting stuck. This way you actively help your customer and increase your conversion at the same time.

Create your own look and feel

You can customize your chat widget to your own taste: adjust the colors and choose a tone of voice for your automated chat messages that matches your brand and identity. In addition, you can set the widget in 12 different languages, so that your customer service does not stop at the national border.

Want to know more about the possibilities of live chat in Belco? Read it on this page .

Why does the fashion industry choose Belco?

We understand the retailer

We understand the fashion retailer and the challenges in this industry. With us you will also receive personal help if necessary!

No technical knowledge

You don't need any technical knowledge to use Belco. Moreover, you can log in from anywhere in the world.

Increase efficiency

Every second counts and a customer should not be disappointed: by increasing efficiency (finding and viewing customer communications/orders) you turn your customers into real ambassadors!

All social channels

Consumers communicate more and more easily via WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook: these channels are also entered into Belco and can be answered immediately.

Online customer service solution for fashion and retail:

  • Links with all major webshop platforms
  • No technical knowledge required
  • You can log in and work anywhere in the world
  • More satisfied customers through more insight
Happy customer with our customer service software
"We are very happy with Belco. Because many of our guests buy clothing both in the store and in the webshop, it is extra nice to have all guest data clearly organized in one system. In addition, the contact with Belco is very smooth and friendly. Our contact person also regularly calls to ask how things are going, which is proactive! It is also special that we can suggest improvements to the system ourselves. You can easily make suggestions and even vote on the suggestion of a another Belco user, so that it is higher on the priority list.”
Anna Rinsma
E-commerce director at Rinsma Modeplein