With Bubble you can integrate Belco with almost every telephony environment. With an incoming and/or outgoing call you immediately see a pop-up on your PC screen with relevant customer information and you can immediately open the customer card or perform another action.
In addition, it is visible which Bubble user last attempted to call the number of the caller which can be useful when that person calls back but does not know by which colleague he or she could have been called.

Bubble in brief

With Bubble you can integrate Belco with almost any telephony platform. You can immediately see which customer is calling and which colleague has had the last contact. Besides that you can open the customer card directly with the push of a button. This way you can speak to the customer even better and you don't have to ask for name, address or customer number. Because of the technology used by Bubble all information is looked up in real-time.


1. Callback request

By configuring one of the buttons as a Callback Request button, you never have to write down a number again but can immediately email the customer details to your colleague.

2. Compability

Because Bubble can connect with almost every telephony platform you don't have to switch telephony platforms. Because Bubble is a generic piece of software you can easily connect to any platform. Bubble is also available for both Windows and MacOS users.

3. Last called with

Our "last called with" feature allows you to instantly see which colleague was last contacted. Super convenient, if a customer calls back after a missed call and asks who called.

Linking Belco to Bubble

Like Bubble, we at Belco are always looking for solutions to make your e-commerce environment smarter - which is why we love working together as partners. With Belco's software, you run your entire customer service operation in one system. All channels, from telephony to e-mail and social media, are in the same shared inbox. Plus all available customer information is immediately loaded into the system.

You can link Belco to your web shop by going to Shops in the Belco menu and clicking on 'Add shop'. You can read exactly how this works here. Do you need help with this or is something wrong? Please contact us, we are happy to help!

Linking Belco to Bubble

Why Belco

All-in-one solution

Belco is all-in-one customer service software. This means that we have put everything you need to run your customer service successfully into one system - making it easy.

Customer satisfaction

We make customer happiness a concept. It is our mission to help your webshop achieve a 9+ customer service rating.

200+ customers preceded you

We provide customer service software for over 750 webshops of 200 e-commerce companies. Choose from one of our very complete standard packages or develop a customised solution with us.

We are ready for you

Translating your wishes and objectives into the very best customer service solution is what we do best. In addition, you can always ask us questions and we will gladly help you if you are at a loss.