Email may be one of the oldest forms of digital communication, but it is certainly not extinct. Because, don't be alarmed: more than 3 million emails are sent worldwide every second. E-mail is also still a frequently used channel for communicating with customers, especially for online companies such as web shops.
Below we explain why it is smart to link your email to your customer service software and which useful email functions you can use in Belco to work even faster and more efficiently.

Why link email to your customer service software?

It is advisable to integrate your email into your customer service environment. This way you keep a good overview of which new emails are coming in and what follow-up actions need to be taken. By working with a shared inbox, everyone can view and process the emails: this means no emails are ever left behind (for one person).

‍ In Belco you can easily link your email to our customer service software within 5 minutes. With a special forwarding function, you automatically forward all incoming emails to Belco, while your mailbox is retained.

5 Useful E-mail functions in Belco

Belco has added a number of smart functions to e-mail to ensure efficient and seamless communication with the customer. Below we explain a number of them.

1. Business Rules

In Belco you can use business rules to ensure that emails are immediately forwarded to the right team or person. For example, you can forward all emails that contain the word 'complaint' in the body of the message to the appropriate person or department, who can then handle the email.

2. Your own email template

With the markup template engine you can easily create a personalized template for your emails: in your own style and with a custom signature.

3. Quick responses

This feature will save you a lot of time. You can use 'quick responses' in Belco to provide predefined answers to customer emails. For example, you can quickly respond to a frequently asked question from a customer. You can call up quick responses with the # function and fine-tune where necessary.

4. Customer recognition

When you link your email to Belco, you can see in the system which customer has sent you an email. You will see, among other things, previous conversations with the customer, as well as the order history and the most important customer data - which saves you a lot of detective work.

5. Internal forwarding of emails

You can also easily forward messages internally to a colleague, but also to a party outside Belco, such as a supplier. When you receive a response to your forwarded email, it will automatically arrive as an internal note and you can immediately follow up on it.

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