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Improve customer experience - how do you do it?

Improve customer experience - how do you do it?
In the perfect world, all customer communication goes smoothly, customers remain loyal after the first purchase, talk about you with others in praise, and get a warm feeling inside just thinking about you.

Unfortunately, in the real world this is different and as an e-commerce company you have to work hard to keep customers happy and provide the best service. At Belco, customer experience is 'our middle name' and we are happy to help you optimize your customer experience (also known as customer experience or CX). We do this with our helpdesk software, but also with solicited and unsolicited advice. In this blog we give you 6 tips to improve your customer experience, which you can start using right away.

1. Improve customer experience = communicate in a tailored way

To establish a personal connection with a customer, customized communication is very important. Address the customer in a personal way and determine the right 'tone of voice' that suits the target group of your customer. Many customers also appreciate it when you actively help them and send customized offers.

Point to make in between: The more information you have from a customer, the better you know who the customer is, what his or her preferences are and to which target group the customer belongs. Collecting and (securely storing) customer data is therefore essential to deliver customized communications. Later in this blog you will read how Belco can help you with this.

2. Be available through multiple channels

Your customer no longer reaches you through a single channel - those days are long gone. Therefore, make sure that you offer your product or service on various channels, from a webshop to social media. But also make sure that you can provide service through all these channels. Offering quick and easy help, without the customer having to spend 15 minutes searching for your contact details, greatly benefits the customer experience.

3. Help customers choose

Just as a sommelier will point you to the best wine on the menu based on your preferences, you can also help an online customer make the best choice. You can do this on your web shop, for example, by showing related products or by asking a customer who has been poking around in your web shop for some time whether you can help him via a chat message.

4. Keep customers informed

Customers love to be kept informed. For example, they like to hear how manyth person waiting in line they are when they call you, are curious about when their package will arrive, and appreciate receiving a status update when they have reported a problem. Keeping your customers proactively informed when they have a question or issue contributes positively to the customer experience.

5. Collect feedback on the customer experience  

The only way to find out how you score on customer experience is to ask your customers. You can do this in person, but you can also send them a survey through the mail or ask them to stay on the line for a few short questions at the end of a phone call.

For example, reviews via Google

6. Perfectly functioning customer service  

Last but not least, a friendly, user-friendly and smartly designed customer service is a must-have for a positive customer experience. Belco's software helps you do just that. At Belco, we try to incorporate as many of the above elements as possible into what we call an all-in-one customer service environment. All customer communications from various channels arrive in one inbox neatly labelled and can be dealt with immediately there: whether a customer calls, emails, starts a chat or sends a message via social media.

In addition, customer contact details, previous orders and contact history are stored and automatically converted into a customer card. In this way, you can handle customer questions and problems professionally, quickly and in a customer-friendly way, which always pays off in a positive customer experience. 

Do you have questions as a result of this blog? Let us know! Wondering if Belco is something for you? Try our software for free for 2 weeks and experience what it's like to work in an all-in-one customer service environment. This trial is completely non-binding and ends automatically after 2 weeks.