We Love Decor

Read more about our collaboration with We Love Deco here. We tell you what We Love Deco does, where their challenges lie in the field of customer service, what solutions we have found and what results they achieve.

We Love Deco is the umbrella organization of the web shops:, and On you will find all the latest trends and products in the field of weddings and weddings. The webshop is the place to be if you are looking for fun and trendy products to dress up or decorate your party. And finally, you will find everything for children, from toys to nursery decoration, at

We Love Decor

The challenge

Although the three shops certainly have many similarities, they have a clearly different product range and therefore also different target groups. It is actually best to view We Love Deco as three separate companies in one organization. And that is precisely where the customer service challenge lies. Because you want to be able to work from one fixed system for the different shops, but you don't want all communication from the different shops to end up in one big pile - that will be a mess. How can you effectively manage three different shops from one customer service environment?

The results

  • Successful integration of three web shops in one Belco account
  • All communication channels housed in one system
  • Customers are helped quickly and efficiently
  • A high customer service rating
  • You see what is in the shopping cart
  • Approach customers proactively
  • Internal communication is efficient
We Love Decor
“We Love Deco merged three different online stores into one account. Color labels allow you to see from which online store a customer question comes. This way, one customer service employee can handle questions from different online stores from one account. Really great!”
Karlijn van Vliet
Customer Service - We Love Deco

The solution by Belco

We have integrated the three different web shops for We Love Deco into one Belco account. With the help of color labels you can clearly see which webshop the customer request comes from. This way, a customer service employee can work on customer questions from different web shops from one account, but it is always clear for which shop the customer question has been received.

In addition, all channels, from telephony to e-mail, are linked to Belco software.

When a customer contacts you, you also immediately see all relevant customer information, from previous contact moments to order history. With this available information at hand, a customer can be helped properly and quickly.

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