Read more about our collaboration with DAKA here. We tell you what DAKA does, where their customer service challenges lie, what solutions we have found and what results they achieve.

For the avid athletes among us, DAKA is probably not an unknown name. DAKA is one of the largest sports store chains in the Netherlands. With 16 branches spread across the country and an online webshop, you will find everything in the field of sports and lifestyle. In DAKA's large, very spacious stores you will find products from tennis rackets for beginners to professional ski boots: specially selected for you based on a 3D foot scan. The employees have very specialist knowledge in the field of different sports and can always provide you with tailor-made advice.


The challenge

Combining multiple physical locations with an online store always entails challenges. Because how do you ensure that everyone within the company works together easily and efficiently in one system? And in addition to internal communication, how do you ensure that communication with the customer runs smoothly and how do you ensure an optimal customer experience? In addition, before using Belco, DAKA worked with expensive customer service tooling, in which integrations with other software were not always possible.

The results

  • Efficient internal communication and knowledge exchange
  • Better insight into stock through the connection with Retail Unity
  • Switch faster between online and store
  • Customers are helped faster and more efficiently
“Working with customer service software was not new to us. To be honest, we initially chose Belco mainly because it offered more options for a better price. But we soon noticed more advantages: it is simply a very user-friendly package that works well. In addition, contact with Belco is always friendly and good. We do not regret for a moment that we made the switch to Belco.”
Edward Porter
Ecommerce manager - Daka

The solution by Belco

To give DAKA customers an optimal customer service experience, we will integrate all communication channels and customer data into one software solution. A number of channels have already been linked to Belco and a number of other channels such as telephony are planned to be linked. In this way, we are gradually working towards one complete customer service system in which all communication comes together.

In addition, it is already possible to quickly exchange information between online and store employees.

Suppose a customer contacts customer service and has a very specific question about a product to which the customer service representative does not know the answer. A knowledge expert from the store can then assist to give the customer the correct answer. This way, the online customer also gets a real DAKA shopping experience. We have also linked Belco's software to Retail Unity's software. This software bundles all stocks, both from the physical stores and the webshop, into one 'virtual' stock. This way, employees can always quickly see whether the desired product is still available.

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