Shampoo Bars

Read more about our collaboration with Shampoo Bars here. We tell you what Shampoo Bars does, where their customer service challenges lie, what solutions we have found and what results they achieve.

“We use approximately 165 kilos of plastic packaging per person per year. And we only use half of that plastic once before it ends up in the trash. And while we all know that plastic is not good for the environment.” At Shampoo Bars they thought this had to be done differently and they launched the Shampoo Bar: a plastic-free shampoo in the form of a soap bar. This local and sustainably produced shampoo lasts 80 washes and replaces three bottles of shampoo per bar. Count your (plastic) profit. The shampoo bar is available in all kinds of scents and flavors: from classic lavender to tropical mango/coconut.

Shampoo Bars

The challenge

Shampoo Bars quickly became a very popular product after their launch. There are currently more than 100 external points of sale that offer the product and online sales also continue to grow. This is of course nice to see, especially because the product can make such a major contribution to a more sustainable world. But the rapid growth also brought challenges. On the one hand in the field of production and logistics, but the pressure on customer service also continued to increase. Soon after its founding, it was no longer an option to work 'separately' from different communication channels.

The results

  • All communication channels housed in one system
  • Customers are helped quickly and efficiently
  • A high customer service rating
  • Always and quickly available for customer questions
  • Software that can effortlessly grow with the company
  • Connection made with order picking system
Shampoo Bars
“We are very positive about Belco. Belco provides an overview, provides useful reminders and makes communication between different employees quick and clear. You can easily pass on difficult matters to a colleague ;-) Checking off e-mail messages that have been handled, for example, works very well and provides an overview. We also like emailing from the system, so you don't have to keep both Belco and your email open – ideal!”
Lyan Garritsen
Co-owner -

The solution by Belco

Customers love Shampoo Bars and this is reflected in the 9.3/10 customer rating the company receives. This figure is of course largely based on the quality of the product, but the quality of the service also certainly plays a role in this. With Belco's software we have combined all channels: from telephony and live chat to e-mail and social media in one software solution.

For example, customers who have questions about the product or delivery can always be helped quickly and in a personal and friendly manner. Because new customer service employees can easily be added to the system, the software can easily grow with the popularity of this special product.

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