Getting started with Belco

Do you want to get started with Belco? In this part of the tour we will take you through the start-up phase: from the first time we meet until everything works and is set to your preferences. Let's go!

First encounter

Belco is a product that really needs to be experienced, which is why we plan a demo right after we meet. During this demo, we take you on a video tour of Belco. We will provide you with general information about our software and its functions, but we will also deal specifically with your business. And in the meantime, you can, of course, ask us all the questions you want.

Curious? A personal demo takes about half an hour and costs you nothing. Schedule a demo!


If you are enthusiastic after the demo and want to start working with Belco yourself, you can start a trial period of 2 weeks. You can now link your webshop, load channels and set up the system according to your own taste and preferences (more on this later). You will experience what it is like to work with Belco in practice. After these 2 weeks, you will have the choice to stop at no cost or to join us in taking on the challenge of taking your customer service to the highest level.

Good to know:
if you want to continue using Belco after the trial period, all your stored data will automatically be transferred to the paid version.

Want to get started right away with our 14-day trial? Then sign up via this page.

Setting up Belco in 4 steps

You are going to use Belco, great!
Below we explain how to set up Belco in 4 steps. During this start-up period, we'll be in touch a lot: we'll give you advice, share smart tips and give you a hand when needed.

1. Linking shop

An important first step is to link your web shop CMS to Belco software. We have created ready-made links for the most common CMS systems, which allow you (or your website manager) to easily link your web shop to Belco. Under the heading integrations, you will find the systems for which this applies and what you can do if your CMS is not listed. When your shop is linked, the last 3 months of customer data are automatically loaded into Belco.

2. Adding channels

The next step is to add the various channels. By channels, we mean all the places from which the customer communicates with you, such as: e-mail, telephone and live chat, but also, for example, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. All messages that come in via these channels are forwarded directly to Belco in real time. You can choose to add all channels at once, but you can also do this step by step.

3. Furnish according to your own taste

Belco is one system, but it can be set up in a thousand and one ways. The optimal way to set up Belco and which functions you do or do not use depends, among other things, on your sector and your wishes and objectives. Belco can be set up modularly, so that you can use exactly those functions and features that are important to you.

4. Invite your colleagues

We are almost there! Our software is linked to your CMS, the channels have been added and you have set up the system according to your own taste. The only thing left to do is invite your colleagues. You can easily invite everyone in the company and divide them into teams. This way, different questions or problems that come in can be assigned to specific employees who understand them - which is very customer-friendly.


With Belco, you can easily link your favourite CMS system to our customer service software. We have already created a link for a number of CMS systems, allowing you to integrate them with Belco's software within minutes. Curious if this also applies to your CMS? Check out the list below and click on your CMS for more detailed information.

Help, my CMS is not listed! Don't worry, we can also perform custom integrations. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Other integrations

There is more... Besides a link with a webshop CMS, there are more smart integrations possible. For example, you can link Belco to the order management systems Sherpa and Picqer. A link with the tritonX software is also possible. We will not go into this in this tour, but feel free to click on the links below to read more about it.

Help, my CMS is not listed! Don't worry, we can also perform custom integrations. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

These customers are already using our solutions

Meanwhile, 200+ e-commerce companies and retailers have found their way to us. And we are very proud of that! Below we highlight some of our customers and explain exactly what we do for them.