One system where all your customer communications come in, that's Belco. All channels come together in our software: from telephony, live chat and email to WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. We walk through the different channels and discuss some smart features and functions.


Who does what?

With Belco, you know exactly which colleague is dealing with an e-mail. This ensures that there is never any duplication of work and you can easily take over an e-mail from a colleague when he or she is absent, for example. You can also add useful notes to emails so that you can quickly exchange information.

Set smart automated answers

By using quick response you can easily answer frequently asked questions in e-mails. Type # and part of a keyword and Belco will automatically fill in the correct answer. If necessary you can fine tune this answer in the reaction screen - count your (time) profit.

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Live Chat

Talk to your customer

At Belco, we don't believe in old-fashioned forms. We prefer to see direct and personal contact between you and your customer: live chat is the way to go. When a customer leaves a message on your website, Belco notifies you of this and you can respond immediately.

Automate customer contact

In Belco, you can use triggers to provide automated responses to customers in the live chat. For example, you can automatically send a friendly chat message to your customer, telling him that shipping is free if he spends 5 euros more in the shop or give him tips on the check-out when he gets stuck. This way, you actively help your customer and increase your conversion at the same time.        

Create your own look and feel

You can customise your chat widget: change the colours and choose a tone of voice for your automated chat messages that reflects your brand and identity. You can also set up the widget in 12 different languages, so your customer friendliness doesn't stop at national borders.

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Always (and everywhere) accessible

A complete telephone exchange in one software application: that's Belco too. With Belco, you can reach your customers by phone anytime, anywhere. At the office, of course, but with the help of our mobile application, you can actually be reached anywhere and anytime.

All customer information at hand

Belco automatically links incoming and outgoing calls to the customer card. This means that you can see all the important information about the customer immediately and also whether there has been contact before. So a customer never has to tell the same story ten times. You can also easily add a message to the call or, for example, schedule a follow-up in the form of a call-back appointment.

Special wishes?

Do you have special requirements in terms of telephony? Do you want to link several telephone numbers to Belco, do you use a single or double-layer selection menu, do you want to add automated answers or do you have several web shops with different telephone numbers? Don't worry, this is all possible in Belco. And if it is not possible, we will always try to find a solution.  

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Belco & AI

Belco is an integrated communication platform for web shops, bringing together telephony, live chat and email. We focus on supporting AI to improve customer service without replacing human employees.

Login, login and login again

Many e-commerce companies use as an external party to sell their products in addition to their own webshop. This often works well, but sometimes causes annoyance. One of these is that messages and customer queries are received on the dashboard and you have to log in again and again. Fortunately, we have found a solution for this: with our link, all messages are directly forwarded to Belco and you can even reply to the messages from within Belco. That saves a lot of time (and frustration).

Small comment

Since does not allow the creation of customer profiles, we cannot directly link incoming messages to an existing customer. However, it is possible to merge or assign the messages to a customer profile in Belco afterwards.

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Social messaging

The customer chooses the channel - very social

As you can see in this tour, customer questions can come to you through many different channels: social messaging is definitely one of them. Here too, Belco makes it possible for messages from different social platforms to come into Belco. You can also reply to messages directly from Belco. This way the customer chooses his favourite channel to get in touch with you and that is appreciated, believe us.

The following social messaging channels can be easily linked to Belco.

These customers are already using channels

Meanwhile, 200+ e-commerce companies and retailers have found their way to us. And we are very proud of that! Below we highlight some of our customers and explain exactly what we do for them.