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Live chat is an essential part of the e-commerce world and an important way for web shops to communicate with customers. Live chat has many advantages: it is easily accessible and the communication is fast and personal. In addition, nowadays everyone is familiar with the communication channel chat, both personally and professionally.
Below we explain why it is smart to link your live chat software to your customer service software and which handy live chat features and possibilities we have added to Belco to make communication with your customer even faster and smarter.

Why link live chat to your customer service software?

Within Belco, all communication from different channels enters one clear system, including your chats. This allows you to respond quickly to customers and also to read back previous communications or view a customer's order history. The ability to respond quickly is especially important: it allows you to give customers the information they need and quickly deal with any questions or problems. Check it out! 

In Belco you can link your live chat to our customer service software in a few simple steps. All live chats then come in through Belco and can also be answered there.

6 Useful live chat functions in Belco

To make it even easier for you and make communication with your customer smooth and efficient, we have added some clever live chat features to Belco. We explain a few of them below.

1. Customise your widget

The widget is the pop-up window that a customer sees on the website or web shop in which he or she can chat (often in the lower right-hand corner of the page). The Belco widget for live chat can be set up entirely according to your own taste. For example, you can change the colours to match your house style, set the predefined answers in your own tone of voice or change the language.

2. Customer recognition

"Hello Mrs. Jansen I see you have a question? Is it perhaps about the order that is still open?" When a customer's details are known, for example because an order was placed earlier, you see all the important information about this customer immediately on the screen. This not only ensures that you can help the customer quickly, it also gives a conversation that extra personal touch.

3. Setting triggers

Another way to make the communication with your customer even more personal is to set up triggers. Think of a 'welcome back' message when a customer visits your webshop again, or ask a customer who has been on the payment page for some time whether he/she could use some help.

4. Assign chat to a colleague

Does a customer have a specific question you can't answer, but you know a colleague who knows all about it? Then simply assign the chat to a colleague customer expert.

5. Service outside opening hours

When a customer asks a question outside of opening hours, an e-mail address is requested. When you are able to answer the chat, the customer will immediately receive an e-mail that you have responded. Do you prefer to switch off the live chat outside of opening hours? No problem, choose the option to show the widget only during opening hours.

5. Co-browsing

Suppose a customer can't figure it out for himself. You then have the option of looking at the customer's screen within Belco: we call this co-browsing. This is how you can unburden a customer optimally.

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Belco is all-in-one customer service software. This means that we have put everything you need to run your customer service successfully into one system - making it easy.

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