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We use social media more and more to communicate with each other. This happens with friends and family, but also increasingly business contact is conducted through social media. Because we are on different social media platforms, it can be quite a challenge for organisations to manage all these channels and respond quickly and adequately to messages. After all, customers have great wishes: they prefer to receive a reaction right away and certainly do not want to wait for days. On this page, we will specifically address one of the largest and most frequently used social media channels: Instagram.
Below we explain why it is so important to include your Instagram business account in your customer service environment and what Belco can do for you in this area.

Why link your Instagram business account to your customer service software?

As mentioned above, messages from various social media channels come to you. It can be compliments, but also questions or complaints. If you have an Instagram business account, this will probably sound familiar to you. In order to keep the overview, it is advisable to have all messages arrive in one customer service environment. This is exactly where the Belco software helps you. All your Instagram messages (and messages from other social media channels) arrive in one place and can be answered immediately.

In Belco, you can link your Instagram business account to our customer service software in a few easy steps. All incoming Instagram messages will then enter Belco and be automatically linked to the corresponding customer data.

Connecting Instagram to Belco for business - 3 advantages

1. All customer data at hand

When a customer sends you a DM via Instagram and the details of this customer are known, for example if the customer has previously placed an order in your webshop, you get the contact details, but also the communication and order history immediately in view. This way you keep an overview and you can help the customer quickly and efficiently.

2. Never log into social media channels again

When you link the Belco software to your Instagram business account, you no longer need to log in separately via Instagram. All messages are automatically loaded into Belco in real time and you can also respond to messages from within Belco: this ensures that you can quickly respond to customer enquiries.

3. Creating a follow-up

If you want to schedule a follow-up action after a message from a customer, for example an e-mail that you want to send or scheduling a call, you can create a follow-up in Belco. This way you do not have to switch between different platforms, but simply create a ticket with a possible note for yourself or a colleague.

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