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Many companies have a company account on Facebook: here you can often find general company information and posts are made that may be of interest to the target group. In the specific case of e-commerce, Facebook is also a suitable channel for promoting products in your shop or placing targeted advertisements. But Facebook is also used to communicate with customers. This is done through Facebook Messenger: the chat function within Facebook.
Below we explain why it is advisable to link Facebook Messenger to your customer service environment and what Belco can do for you in this respect.

Why connect Facebook Messenger to your customer service software?

Many e-commerce companies find it a difficult dilemma: on the one hand, they want to be available to the customer on as many different channels as possible, but on the other hand, an employee must always be available to monitor all these separate channels and to answer customer questions.

The additional challenge is that the customer usually does not wait patiently for a reply: they prefer an immediate response. Belco's software responds to this in a smart way: all communication enters one system: whether it is WhatsApp, Instagram or, in this case, Facebook Messenger. This way, customer service always keeps an overview. 

In Belco you can link Facebook Messenger to our customer service software in a few simple steps. All incoming messages will then arrive via Belco and be automatically linked to the corresponding customer data.

Connecting Facebook Messenger to Belco - 3 advantages

1. Automatic customer recognition

When a customer sends you a message via Facebook Messenger and the customer's details are known, for example because the customer has contacted you before, you will immediately see all the customer's details: from contact details to communication and order history. This information helps you greatly in helping the customer quickly and efficiently.

2. Automatically forwarded messages

Unfortunately for companies, Facebook Messenger is not the only (social media) channel where customers communicate with you. This can also be via WhatsApp, Instagram, email or an external party. Before you know it, you're spending a lot of time logging in separately on all these channels. With Belco customer service, all messages arrive in one system and you can deal with them immediately.   

3. Creating a follow-up

Sometimes you can deal with a question or a problem from a customer right away, but it also happens that a follow-up action has to be planned. In Belco you can easily create a ticket for this, possibly with a reminder and a note to yourself or a colleague.

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