Why can't you have a coffee talk in Belco

Why can't you have a coffee talk in Belco

We regularly get the question whether we can add an internal chat to Belco. Nice idea, but does it really add anything? We don't think so and here's why:

(and how we solve it)

Belco is made for one-to-one customer contact

We have created our tooling to help your customer in the best possible way and with the right information in the right place. For example, customer data on the loyalty card or live shopping basket information. Our software is made to communicate one on one with your customer. Of course you can use our notes and mentions to help your colleagues with the best answer.

Unnecessary distractions lead to dissatisfied customers

Focus on the customer! When you are engaged in a conversation with the customer, he/she gets full attention. Without you having to constantly switch to the internal chat. Do you need help? With the notes, you can involve your colleague. By not doing this in a separate chat, everything remains nicely bundled and you can also find things back later.

It would be better to save your coffee talk for a video call or a physical meeting. Then you will have your full attention for your colleague, they deserve that too, don't they?

Does everything have to be businesslike?

In an internal memo, you can make a joke or give a short off-topic reaction. No problem, but bear in mind that if you do this a lot, it will naturally pollute the customer conversation. And that means you'll have a harder time finding your information later. So maybe you better... you guessed it... in the coffee talk.

Coffee talk, you can do that anywhere... we do it in Slack

We use Slack. This can also be linked to Belco. So that, for example, you receive notifications from Belco in your Slack. This way you can chat with your colleague without disrupting the conversation with your customer. And the chance of sending a private message to a customer is also a lot smaller!