Shopware 6 - what are the benefits?

Shopware 6 - what are the benefits?
Shopware is becoming increasingly popular, as we have noticed. We see that many new webshops are opting for the platform, but existing webshops are also making the switch to Shopware more frequently. Especially since the launch of the latest version, Shopware 6, things have been moving fast. We therefore thought it would be interesting to delve a little deeper into the software of Shopware 6 and to list the options and benefits, thereby also explaining the growing interest in this platform.

1. API-friendly

What strikes us immediately is that Shopware 6 is very "API-friendly". By this we mean that you can easily link it to other software. This is certainly a major advantage in the current time, when all applications within an organisation and between different organisations form one large digital ecosystem. You can, for example, link Shopware 6 effortlessly with an API to numerous CMS or ERP systems. Links with your social media channels are also easy to make.

2. Drag and drop

Shopware 6 also scores highly when it comes to designing and maintaining your webshop. You can put your webshop together in a very user-friendly manner using handy Drag & Drop designs. Technical knowledge is not a requirement here. We noticed this in any case with Shopware 6: it has really been developed so that people without technical knowledge can do everything with it - from designing product pages to putting together a banner. This is not as easy with some other e-commerce platforms. 

3. Shopware 6 Flow builder

Another very innovative feature within Shopware 6 is the so-called "Flow Builder". This allows you to set up complex business processes easily and without using code. Think of sending targeted e-mail messages to customers. With the Flow Builder you can add conditions such as: 'lives in the Netherlands', 'has ordered before', or 'is a new customer', and thus communicate with your customer in a very targeted and personal way.

4. Multistore

Just like Magento, one of Shopware 6's major competitors, it is possible to run multiple webshops in one system. Within Shopware 6, you can easily switch between different webshops, thereby keeping the overview and saving time.

5. Marketing

Shopware 6 offers interesting possibilities in the area of marketing. For example, you can segment your customers using Customer Streams, for example on the basis of their interests or shopping behaviour. You can also easily create your own banners or set up a loyalty programme. Again, knowledge of code is not a requirement: ease of use and flexibility are the key words in Shopware 6.

6. Shopware 6 SEO

No matter how beautiful or good your web shop looks, if it is not found in Google, the customer will hardly be able to find you. Shopware knows this like no other and therefore you can easily create SEO-friendly URLs and set the meta-tags and snippets, for example. In addition, Shopware 6 is 'mobile friendly' as it is called. This means that the webshop adapts automatically to any screen size without compromising the user experience.

Linking Belco to Shopware 6

Do you want to link Shopware 6 to Belco's all-in-one customer service environment? No problem! As a partner of Shopware, we have developed a Shopware 6 plug-in with which you can easily link your webshop to our customer service software. All customer data from the web shop are then automatically loaded and, when the customer contacts you, you get an instant picture of who the customer is and what he or she ordered (previously). This way, you can help your customers quickly, efficiently and in a very customer-friendly way.

Do you have any questions about this blog? Let us know! Wondering if Belco is something for you? Try our software for free for 2 weeks and experience what it's like to work in an all-in-one customer service environment. This trial is completely non-binding and ends automatically after 2 weeks.