How do I write a good newsletter?

How do I write a good newsletter?
Newsletters are an essential part of today's organisations. It is a subject that cannot be ignored in your email marketing. Research by Spotler (2019) has shown that 73% of Dutch people have bought something at least once in the past year as a result of a newsletter. A good reason to make use of this!

Shooting with buckshot is not practical
A good newsletter contains a well thought-out strategy. What do you want to say in your newsletter and who do you want to say it to? It is not useful to send one newsletter to your entire mailing list. Not all segments of your target group have the same question, so this is an important part to find out. You can start with buyer personas, if you don't have one yet.

The more noticeable, the better
Just think how many e-mails you receive yourself in a day. Your target group suffers from this too. It is therefore extremely important that you stand out with your newsletter. Spotler research (2019) also shows that 35% of respondents make online purchases via their mobile device. So make sure your newsletter is easy to read on mobile devices.

At the beginning of this blog I already mentioned that your target audience (like yourself) receives an awful lot of emails in a day. In 2017, the average Dutch person received around 86 emails a day (Spotler, 2017). So this is a good reason to stand out among the many emails from your target audience. Don't just come up with an eye-catching subject line, but also think about the preview text (the piece of text you see when the email hasn't been opened yet). Finally, the target group would like to know what the email is about, so make sure you clarify the subject! I would adjust the tone of voice to suit your target group, how do you communicate with your client?

Frequency is important
Do you want to inform and activate your target group with a newsletter three times a month or once every two weeks? Frequency is a good starting point to think about when you want to start a newsletter. You don't want your target group to unsubscribe prematurely. Spotler 's research shows that 73% of respondents unsubscribe because the frequency is too high and 60% say the subjects are not interesting enough.

Provide interaction in your newsletter
When there is interaction or a call-to-action in your newsletter and this is clearly indicated, customers will click through more quickly. Think of buttons with 'Buy', 'Download here' or 'More information'.

Enough software to automate
There are several software to automate your newsletters. One of them is Sendinblue. This software has several possibilities to optimize your newsletter. You can give your newsletter time schedules for the frequency, you can set up striking layouts and then not have to do anything about it anymore and you can even do A/B tests between different newsletters.